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Looking for developer work? Beginning in 2014, Angular programmers started becoming in high demand. Even today searches for "angular developer" are on an upward trend.

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How to Find Work as an Angular Developer

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Learn the Angular Framework

There are many ways to learn AngularJS online at your own pace. There are online tutorials or bootcamp instructors.

Some people recommend learning straight from the "Heroes App" tutorial on the official site. Also, there are paid courses and tutorials on Udemy and PluralSight. However, before starting those everyone recommends you have grasp of Javascript Algorithms and DataStructures which you can learn for free at Free Code Camp.

2 hour Angular Crash Course

How to Learn Angular

What is Angular

Angular is a mobile and desktop web application development platform. Join the community of millions of developers who are building an attractive user interface with Angular.

Angular and React JavaScript front-end frameworks are popular, but they differ slightly in how they work. The biggest difference is that Angular is actually a complete front-end MVC framework, while React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces in web applications.

What is Angular? (Explained for Beginners)

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